Why the Parent Project?

Juveniles account for 60%, or more, of every law enforcement agency’s call for service. And when we examine the reasons why children are seen in juvenile courts today, the need for a parent-training program that addresses the most destructive of adolescent behaviors becomes evident.

The Parent Project is that program. The Parent Project’s Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior is the only program in the country specifically designed for the juvenile justice system and adjudicated youth. The Parent Project® is the largest court mandated or juvenile diversion program in the country.

More than talk!

The Parent Project® gives parents much more than communication skills. It teaches proven strategies which powerfully influence children to change even the most destructive behaviors, including drug use, gang affiliation, truancy, family conflict, violence and running away. To date, more than one half million parents have completed our award-winning program.

Community Policing

Excerpt from Community Policing Exchange 
Published by the Community Policing Consortium, Washington, DC. Used by permission.

By Senior Deputy Ed Tumbleson

Community policing comes down to problem solving. When officers arrive at your door and listen to the problem, we should be able to offer both short-term relief and long-term solutions. For the average cop, nothing is more frustrating than having to tell the caller, "There is nothing (or little) we can do."

Law enforcement agencies across the country are experiencing an increasing number of family disturbance calls involving out-of-control children. In the past, we have recommended community organizations, parenting classes and counseling to parents.

Unfortunately, traditional parenting classes do not deal with runaways, gangs, drug use, violent kids, and other criminal behaviors. These are truly law enforcement issues. Community resources are neither designed nor equipped to confront these behaviors, and most law enforcement agencies do not have concrete answers for these families. Most agencies are now aware that without structured intervention, the officer soon will be back for similar calls.

Accordingly, the Thousand Oaks Police Department’s Community Police Unit now offers a program called the "Parent Project®." This program is specifically designed to help parents change destructive adolescent behavior.


Parent Project Works

“One of three exemplary community police programs in the state.”
       -California State Attorney General’s Office of Prevention

“Distinguished Program of the Year.”
       -California Youth Authority

“The largest court mandated juvenile diversion program in the country.”
       -American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law