The Parent Project

An evidence / science based program.


Interested in juvenile recidivism, a juvenile justice district in Idaho conducted a comparison study using juvenile crime data in two adjoining school districts (both were served by the same judicial district, offered identical prevention/intervention programs, matched demographically BUT only one offered the Parent Project). Those research findings were published in OJJDP's Journal. See pages 30-32.
OJJDP Journal - See pages 30-32 


American Bar Association

The American Bar Association researched family involvement programs for adjudicated youth, nationally. Their published report (August, 2001) is entitled “Parental Involvement Practices of Juvenile Courts, Report to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, United States Department of Justice.” This report identified the Parent Project as the largest court-mandated juvenile diversion program in the country; the only program operating in multiple states; the only program with a structured, published curriculum; and the only program that offers a 40-hour, STC certified training for replication in other communities. The Center’s complete published report is available through the American Bar Association. For book orders, you can call the ABA Service Center 800-285-2221 (Order # 5490314) 


Roseville Police Department

The Roseville Police Department in Northern California, conducted their own research. 60 to 80% of every law enforcement agency's calls for service are juvenile related. The Roseville Police Department wanted to see if they could reduce their calls for service in that area. They looked at the first 15 families that took the Parent Project Classes. 6 months prior to taking the program, those 15 families generated 87 juvenile related calls for service. 6 months after taking the Parent Project, the same 15 families generated only 4 calls for service. The Roseville Police Department is continuing to track their families and after 4 years, demonstrated a 73% reduction in juvenile related calls for service.
Roseville Research
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Parent Project Research

While at Cal State San Bernardino, Dr. Heidi Stoltz completed two pieces of research on the Parent Project classes, an 8-week qualitative focus group, and a quantitative,10-week pre and post survey at several national sites. Dr. Stoltz's research demonstrates SIGNIFICANT positive changes in effective parenting in every area studied.

Dr. Heidi Stoltz continues to conduct research on Parent Project classes, nationwide.
Sample Parent Project Class Site Survey


An outcome research study was recently completed by Dr. Diana Doumas, a professor at Boise State University (see citation below). This is the most recent in a growing body of research showing positive results for parents completing Parent Project programs.

Pretest and post-test data were gathered from parents attending ten week Parent Project classes. Parents reported a significant increase in general child management, family involvement, communication about rules regarding substance use and a significant decrease in negative parent–child affective quality. The statistical measures reported showed strong and positive results. This study was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling, October, 2015.

Citation: Doumas, D. et. al., (2015) Evaluation of a Parent-Based Intervention for At-Risk Adolescents, 36, 66-80, DOI: 10.1002/jaoc.12004



Based on research conducted at several sites there, the Sate of Alabama moved the Parent Project into their list of approved evidence / science based models. The Alabama State Department of Education has adopted the Parent Project as their first line of defense for Truancy Reduction. The Parent Project is now used by every school district and juvenile court in Alabama. For more information, please contact Kay Atchison Warfield, with the Alabama State Department of Education.
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The Parent Project directly addresses the following Risk Factors:

General offenses, Restlessness, Risk taking, Aggression, Physical violence, Crimes against person, Antisocial behavior, Substance abuse, Poor parent-child relationships, Harsh or lax discipline, Poor monitoring / supervision, Low parental involvement, Antisocial parents, Abusive parents, Family conflict, Poor school attendance and performance, Antisocial-delinquent peers, and Gang membership.

There are currently 120 OJJDP Funded, Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs in the US. Because the Parent Project is the only program in the country that offers concrete interventions for all of the risk factors above, forty seven of these programs use the Parent Project for their parent education component. One such program is the Kern County Superintendent of Schools countywide gang prevention and intervention program, “Project 180”. The Kern County program is considered a model program by OJJDP and they were invited to present at the National Gang Symposium in June of 2011, in Orlando, Florida. Project 180 uses the Science Based "Youth Level of Service / Case Management Inventory Assessment Tool". The YLS instrument measures Risk Levels of youth, individual or environmental factors associated with anti-social behavior. Using the Parent Project in conjunction with their teen program/s, “Risk Levels” among youth in the program decreased 75%.


East Los Angeles Collaborative

In 2009, the East Los Angeles Parent Project Collaborative graduated 347 parents. Almost all of the parents had been court mandated to attend the 10-week class. All of the juveniles were on probation. LA County Juvenile Probation tracked the juvenile offenders for 180 days after graduation. Only 6.63% were rearrested. Only 2.59% were incarcerated. (The average recidivism rate for LA County juvenile probationers is approximately 15%.) The East LA Parent Project Collaborative includes the LA County District Attorney, LA County Sheriff’s Department, LA County Eastlake Juvenile Court Judges, LA County Juvenile Probation, and LA County Department of Parks and Recreation. For more information on their research, please contact Albert Gomez with the East LA County Collaborative.
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